Nicholas A. Sadnytzky



Rhinoceros 3D Training July and September 2014; December 2015
Certified Authorized Rhino Trainer
Level II – Advanced Rhino 3D Modeling
Level I – NURBS Modeling Online

Bennington College May 2014
Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts – Self-Directed

Green Meadow Waldorf School June 2010
High School Diploma


Agro Hub International September 2015 - Present
Resident Director of Marketing Agro Hub Salt United States


Authorized Rhino Trainer December 2015: 1815 Mining Safety Lantern
Created a PDF tutorial illustrating a detailed process of modeling a Welsh miner's safety lantern using the modeler Rhino 3D.

Senior Show May 2014: Clash of the Titans
Designed a three-piece study of a circle in sacred geometry using Grasshopper and 3D printed each piece.

Designed a chess set in Maya and 3D printed it. Designed and laser cut a chess board in acrylic and accompanied the work with an animation of a 1999 World Chess Match (Kasparov vs Topalov) that was viewed using augmented reality (Junaio).

Independent Study January - February 2014: Rome Data Collecting
Self-Directed Fieldwork Term: Researched and collected data about Ancient Rome (673 BC to 1476 AD) for the purpose of visualizing the data in the form of a sculpture.

Animation Showing December 2013: Memories
Designed the characters and set as silhouettes in Rhino 3D, then laser cut them and used Dragon Frame to animate the video Memories.

February - April and June - July 2013: Digital Stone Project
Collected data on Juvenile Drug Arrests in the United States from 1964 through 2009. Translated this data into an advanced digital design. This design was then visualized as a marble sculpture entitled “Injustice to Destruction.”

The advanced digital design was translated into a marble sculpture, CNC'ed at Garfagnana Innovazione, Tuscany, Italy and hand finished by me. The sculpture was on exhibition in Italy and in the spring of 2015 it was part of an exhibition at William Paterson University.

Fieldwork Term January - February 2011: Model GMWHS
Supervisor Dr. Aaron Chia-Yuan Hung
Completed a two-floor 3D Model of GMWS High School.

Senior Project April 2010: Green Meadow Waldorf High School
Mentor: Dr. Aaron Chia-Yuan Hung
Used Google SketchUp to complete the first phase of a 3D digital model of the Green Meadow Waldorf High School main building referring to the blueprints of the classrooms and actually measuring each room’s components by hand.

September 2001 - May 2010: Dicapo Children’s Opera Chorus & Opera Theatre Company
Sang and performed with the Chorus for 9 years.

Appeared with the Opera Theatre Company in 8 Operas both in New York City and as part of the National Lyric Opera in Manchester, NH; Cape Cod Community College, MA; Worchester State College, MA; and the Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank, NJ.


Teaching Assistant July - March 2015: Rhinoceros 3D
Supervisor: Mary Ann Fuiger - McNeel Technical Support and Training
Worked with Instructors in Level I and II online training. Assisted in answering student questions, offered suggestions, and helped problem-solve during class sessions. Each level course lasted 24 hours over the span of two weeks. 

Fieldwork Term January - February 2013: Incline Press
Supervisor: Graham Moss - Master Bookbinder, Printer, and Publisher
Worked with Graham Moss, Master Printer, at his press in Oldham, England. Gained a working knowledge of an Arab press. Learned to design, set, print, sew, and bind books.  As a final project I produced a chapbook – A Garland of Love Songs by Robert Burns.

Fieldwork Term January - February 2012: Global Masters Development Program
Supervisor: Dr. Lucia Rodriguez
Worked with the Global Masters Development Program Secretariat Director and her team to help design event-related materials including promotional documents and materials for the Masters in the Development Program Summit held in Bangladesh in February 2012.

Internship April - May 2010: Rackstad Museet
Supervisor: Director Richard Sangwill
Worked with Director Sangwill in the Rackstad Museum in Arvika, Sweden. Learned the basic elements in designing exhibitions for museums.  Visited several museums, assisted in the gift shop, and conducted an art class for visiting students.


Rhinoceros 5
Grasshopper (plug-in for Rhinoceros)
Google SketchUp
Mataio Creator
Dragon Frame

Mac’s Operating System (10.4 to Present)
Operating System (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10)
Office (2008, 2010, 2013)



September 2015 - Present: Church of Notre Dame
Member of the Church Choir.

February 2014 - Present: New Skete Monastery
Help the New Skete Monks with the process of socializing German Shepard puppies.

September 2006 - May 2010: Midnight Run
Supervisor: Raoul Cansino
Drove around New York City in the winter months giving supplies and toiletries to the homeless.