A Three Piece Study of a Circle

Senior Show 2014


I love the world of scared geometry—it fascinates me.  Examples of its applications are found throughout history, from the ancient Egyptians to the present.  The principles of scared geometry are embedded in architecture (sacred and profane), art, music, nature and the cosmos.  Many people believe that these forms reflect divine proportions and are a window into the mind of the Divine.

With this rich history, I started my investigations by looking at scared spaces, and constructed the five basic platonic shapes.  My research led me to Chartres Cathedral, where I deconstructed its famous rose window, abstracting those basic shapes.  Next, I restricted myself to using only one shape—a circle.  It is amazing to discover that every form or shape can be constructed from a circle and is found in a circle.  In designing these three objects, I used Grasshopper, a plug-in to Rhinoceros 3D.  I noticed my natural instinct was to follow the tier levels of the Chartres’ rose window.  Remember I was only using one form, the circle, and mathematically distorting its shape.  Looking at these forms, the neutral form (the center) is unresolved, and the end-point objects are resolved, one inwardly and one outwardly.  When your eyes scan the three constructs, they seem to oscillate thereby creating a pulsating effect.