Nicholas A. Sadnytzky

Nicholas A. Sadnytzky

I am a twenty-four year old New Yorker and except for the time I spent at college and when I travelled, I have lived in Manhattan all my life.  In May 2014 I graduated from Bennington College in the Green Mountain State of Vermont.  I earned a bachelor’s degree in the Liberal Arts.  My education was self-directed and the underlying philosophy I used was the Renaissance Ideal of a holistic education. It is this philosophy that gave me the most flexibility to explore knowledge in as many areas as possible.  But let's be honest here, I have many interests and I'm still figuring out what I want to be in the future.  I guess that is why most of what I have done I consider hobbies.

This Renaissance Ideal of life-long learning and a broad liberal education is essentially the philosophy of a Waldorf education.  In many ways this was the inspiration that was encouraged and nurtured throughout my twelve years of Waldorf education.  It is a holistic approach to learning and living.

So far my life’s journey has blessed me with many creative growth experiences.  In the summer of 2013 I was invited to join the Digital Stone Project with twelve other students.  We created our own sculptures using 3D technologies in a little Tuscan Apennine mountain village in Italy.  The previous winter of 2012, I did my fieldwork term (an internship essentially) with the Global Masters Development Program, which took me to Bangladesh.  There I experienced the true face and devastation of “Extreme Poverty.”

For nine years I was a part of Dicapo Opera Theatre Company’s Children Chorus where I sang parts in The Pirates of Penzance, The Sound of Music, Kismet, a couple of cabarets, nine Christmas concerts, and was one of a group of backup singers on a NBC Christmas Special.  Also I participated in six full Operas including La Bohème, Tosca, and Susannah.

You guessed it – I call them hobbies.

So I have many interests and these interests revolve around the Arts.  The Arts have fueled my soul to explore the worlds of digital 3D modeling, animation (stop motion, and digital), writing, singing, acting, sculpture and data visualization.  I also enjoy a good book, movies, and traveling around the world.  But there is one more thing I am passionate about: I enjoy helping the monks of New Skete, the socializers of German shepherd puppies.