Firefly Lantern

In designing the Firefly Lantern, I was inspired by a memory of walking in the woods one evening as a child.  The trees were on fire with flickering fireflies.  In pure darkness there were burst of twinkling lights, and it gave a feeling of life’s pulse.  Translating that experience into a form and functioning object was an interesting process.  Choosing aspects from that experience I embedded the memory of the magical flickering light into a form.  My goal was to use an object (like a garbage bag) that has a strong association with disposal and to repurpose it.  The lantern had to be delicate, decorative, and the design had to be a single piece of plastic that could be folded (handle, sides, and bottom).  For the pattern I was influenced by my Babusha’s (Ukrainian for grandmother) embroidery.  The pattern gives a lace-work effect when light radiates through it. The Firefly Lantern can be hung from tree branches or from a patio or deck post. It supplies atmosphere rather than light and is light enough not to require connectors.