1815 Mining Safety Lantern


My submission for certification as an Authorized Rhino Trainer was a PDF tutorial of how to model an 1815 Mining Safety Lantern.  I began my investigations of the lantern and its history.  I took precise measurements, and modeled each component in different ways to determine the best method.

During this process, I had in mind how I would present the “Modeling Task.”  The “Modeling Task” coaxes a novice in a way that is familiar and then transitions to a more advance method of modeling.  This might entail a less efficient way of modeling in the beginning but an experience that a beginner could also relate to.

As the tutorial progresses, each component of the Lantern (Base, Nib, Cover, etc.) has an internal consistency of modeling that becomes more streamline.  It is here that a more experience modeler can relate to the approach.

In general my goal was to bring the modeler, regardless of experience, on a journey that is enjoyable and gives a message to the reader that there is no one way of modeling.  And if we encounter something that is unintentional, for the good or the bad, it is just a happy accident.

Happy 3D Modeling!

This highly technical manual is written in an engaging, humorous, and encouraging voice.
— Professor Hope Leichter (Teachers College, Columbia University)