In designing this shelf, I was inspired by Islamic architecture and the opening of a book.  The outer structure is symmetrical and the four pillars make the negative shape of the crown.  The crown also is the negative image of the pillars’ head.  The edge shape follows a floral geometric design, which is based on the entrance to a mosque.  The shelves are based on the motion of opening a book – an arc shape. 

The material used was cardboard – I wanted to use a material that is easily recyclable and inexpensive.  The goal was for the shelf to withstand the weight of one hundred-fifty magazines.  In building it, I cut the shapes (three layers thick) in different grain directions.  Using wood glue to bind the layers together, I made slits in the pillars and in the shelves.  After folding the pillars into place, I interlocked the shelves with the pillars.