Global MDP

The cover of the brochure

The Global MDP Secretariat (Master’s in Development Practice) is located at Columbia University’s Earth Institute.  The Institute serves as an incubator for this program.  In 2012, I was fortunate to intern with an amazing team headed by Dr. Lucia Rodriguez.  The focus of the Secretariat, at that time, was to complete the preparations for the fourth annual International Conference to be held at BRAC University in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Among other things, I helped design the brochure for the conference and produced DVDs that included the Global Classroom lectures and materials.  In Bangladesh, I assisted wherever I was needed administratively in helping to set-up and run the conference.  On a personal level, while there, I learned the true meaning of extreme poverty and its devastating effects on the individual and on the society.  The images of this poverty, will remain with me always.

Forth Annual Global MDP Summit at BRAC