Green Meadow Waldorf High School

I was first introduced to the world of digital 3D modeling in my senior year at Green Meadow when for my senior project I digitally modeled the high school building.  My mentor and friend Dr. Aaron Chia-Yuan Hung advised and helped me throughout this project.  At that time we were ambitious and decided to model all the buildings and make avatars of my 2010 class (the class consisted of thirty people).  Unfortunately, that ambition shrunk to just the high school building.  The 3D software that best fit our needs was Google SketchUp 7.  At the time, we needed an easy modeler that could be learned quickly.  For eight months I modeled the layout of the two floors.  With the help of my father we measured every nook and cranny using the schools blue prints, which turned out to be inaccurate. 

This Project of the Green Meadow Waldorf High School is dedicated to the Class of 2010 and to the Waldorf teachers.
— Heckaboutit

The GMWHS project is still not fully finished; I’m missing the top floor, the roof, the texturing, and some of the fine details.  If I were to model this again I would use Rhinoceros 3D, and Brazil or Flamingo to render it.